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Are You Ready to Make the Switch to Contact Lenses?

Are you looking for crisp, clear vision but want to expand your options beyond traditional eyeglasses? Try contact lenses! Our selection of rigid, soft, and hybrid contact lenses can help provide you with clear, comfortable vision, no matter your prescription or lifestyle.

Our doctors will carefully assess and measure your eyes to find the right contacts for you. Improperly fitted contacts aren’t just uncomfortable; they can impact both your vision and eye health. However, you can rely on our team to find a solution you can trust.

Book a contact lens exam and fitting with us today to find out how contact lenses can change your life!

The Contact Lens Process

To determine if your eyes are healthy enough to wear contact lenses, you will first need a comprehensive eye exam.

During your eye exam, we look at a variety of factors that could affect your ability to wear contact lenses safely, including your tear film, your eye health, your prescription, and your lifestyle. Once we determine you can wear contact lenses comfortably and safely, we will then move on to the fitting process.

Our doctors will fit you with contacts that match your unique eye shape and visual needs. Fittings include detailed measurements of your eyes, including your corneas, and contact lens prescription (which differs from your glasses prescription), to ensure your contacts provide the most comfortable fit and clearest vision possible.

Once we’ve fit you for contacts, we will provide you with in-depth training and hands-on instruction to ensure you can insert, remove, and take care of your contact lenses safely.

After the appointment, we will provide you with a trial pair of contacts to use for a period of time. We will also book a follow-up appointment to examine your eyes and discuss how well your contacts have performed during the trial period.

If everything is going as expected, we can order your supply of contacts!

What Could Prevent You From Wearing Contact Lenses?

Some common factors that could affect your ability to wear contacts include:

Contact Lenses Materials Available

Soft contact lenses are made from soft plastic polymers, providing superior comfort and flexibility. They are an excellent choice for people who play sports, especially contact sports like hockey and football. We offer soft contact lenses for a range of needs, including high prescriptions, astigmatism, and multifocals.

Rigid gas-permeable (RGP) contact lenses are made of hard plastic materials. They are a great fit for people looking for contacts that can correct complex visual issues while also providing excellent durability and easy maintenance. Our team includes doctors who have years of experience fitting RGP lenses.

If you’ve had trouble wearing RGP lenses, but want the clear vision they provide, while experiencing the comfort that soft lenses offer, then you might find hybrid lenses are a better choice for you. Hybrid lenses are designed with a rigid lens in the centre providing you with crisp vision, while the soft surrounding skirt offers excellent comfort and fit.

Specialty Lenses

Alongside our high-quality soft and RGP contact lenses, we also offer a variety of specialty contact lenses designed to address a range of issues, including astigmatism, presbyopia, and myopia progression.

No matter how strong your astigmatism, we offer a range of soft toric, RGP, and hybrid lenses to help provide the clear vision you deserve and desire. Even if you have complex astigmatism, our team has the experience you need to find a solution that works for you.

If you rely on progressive or bifocal glasses, we can help fit you with multifocal contact lenses! Our range of multifocal options come in rigid, soft, and hybrid designs to ensure your vision is clear at all distances.

Orthokeratology lenses, more commonly known as Ortho-K lenses, are contact lenses specifically designed to help temporarily reshape the cornea and manage the symptoms of myopia for children and adults. Alongside Ortho-K, we also offer MiSight soft contact lenses to help slow the progression of myopia in children.

Clarity Optometry is proud to feature various tinted and coloured contact lenses.

If you find that outdoor lighting situations or glare make your eyes uncomfortable, you may benefit from Transitions contact lenses. These lenses automatically become darker in bright light and lighter in low light, giving you many of the benefits of sunglasses without the need to switch between multiple pairs of glasses.

Start Seeing Clearly With Contact Lenses Today!

If you’re looking for a team with the passion and experience to find the contacts right for you, look no further than Clarity Optometry. Book an appointment today!

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